BEAUTY TIP #1: Invest in a long wearing liquid lipstick for your wedding day!

One thing a bride should never stress over on her wedding day is having to touch-up her lip color. There really is no excuse for her lips to fade, smudge or transfer onto her groom. Almost every brand, luxury and mainstream, has a long wearing lipstick that will last through-out eating, drinking and kissing.

The long wearing lip color usually is a liquid lipstick formulation that gets painted onto the lips – kind of like a lip gloss. Once it drys onto the lips, a gloss can be applied for additional shine or moisture. The best part is you will never worry about having faded or smeared lipstick, especially after kissing the groom!

Here's an overview of brands with different long wearing lipsticks at all price points, descriptions taken directly from the product line:

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