Personalize Your Wedding Scent at Jo Malone

Weddings are an exciting and important time in ones life and fragrance is a beautiful way to bring back those special moments.

Picking a custom fragrance will not only bring you back in time but will actually trigger exact memories and feelings that were experienced on the day of your wedding. Jo Malone is the perfect way to create a customized blend of fragrance that is uniquely created for you. So when there is a scent that smells “familiar”, you can thank the olfactory receptors in the brain which are directly connected to the limbic system, the part of the brain that is in-charge of emotions, memories and stimulations. Smell sensations are relayed to the cortex, where ‘cognitive’ recognition occurs, only after the deepest parts of our brains have been stimulated.

I am proud to announce my collaboration with Jo Malone by allowing me to offer my brides custom fragrance consultations to help pick out their signature scent for their big day. And by signature scent, I literally mean a customized blend of the perfect combination that is designed just for the bride. I assist the bride in exploring her preferences in fragrance that enhance her personality, style and wedding vision. It is important for the bride to have a scent stands out and also one that no one else will be wearing.

Please call or text my cell at 425 213-7057 to set up your appointment to explore your own personalized wedding scent at the Jo Malone counter inside Neiman Marcus (Bellevue).


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