Check out these stunning trends dark skinned brides are wearing for 2016.

Trend #1  |  Eyelash Extensions

Here's a quick fix to short and curly lashes, try lash extensions. Lash extensions are different from wearing strip lashes that only last one day. These lashes that are applied with a semi-permanent glue and last 3 to 4 weeks. The lash technician will apply each strand hair one-by-one making these lashes 100% customizable.  Talk with your lash technician about the shape, thickness and length you desire.  Do your research and make sure your eyelash technician is certified and using high quality lash glues that are designed to use around the eye area.


Trend #2  |  The Classic Chignon

Brides are going for a sleek up-do bun or chignon this season. Salons are offering hair glossing treatment to control frizz and bring out shine. Hair pieces or extensions can be added for a fuller more dramatic effect. This look offers a clean, elegant style to help bring out the neckline and drawing more attention to facial features.


Trend #3  |  White Wedding Dress

This season there will be plenty of blush and off white wedding dresses found in bridal boutiques, but leave them for the other brides. The dark-skinned brides of 2016 will be rocking a classic white dress down the aisle on their wedding day. The contrast between the bright white and the deep skin is striking to the eye and will present that "wow" factor.


Trend #4  |  The Bridal Glow

Yes, the bridal glow is true! The rule of thumb is, the deeper the skin the more even the tone and the more the skin should glow. Brides will be showing off their beautiful glowing skin by highlights through-out and strategically placing contour in only the hollows of the face.  Fist you must start with a generously moisturized face. Check out the Bronzing Skin Perfector at Becca Cosmetics. It is time to flaunt beautiful skin with a radian glow on your wedding day.


Trend #5  |  Body Shimmer

Brides are drenched in fine shimmer lotions or glitter oils to glaze their skin from head-to-toe. Nars offers a Body Glow oil that will do the trick and keep you glowing all day long. Finishing off your look with body shimming will not only complete your bridal makeup looks but it will also create a healthy polished look in your wedding pictures.


Trend #6  |  Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Silver is the new gold and, well, rose gold is the new silver. A Rose gold engagement ring is a wonderful kind of gold that has a tinge of pink that gives a one-of-a-kind look. They look the most flattering on all skin tone, especially a tanned hand. Brides everywhere are saying yes to these rosey rings. The one featured below is a certified peach pink cushion sapphire diamond halo rose gold engagement ring.


Trend #7  |  Stained Lips

Stained and plush lips are a huge trend right now that brides are loving. Just a pinch of color in the center of your lips will create a more romantic and soft splash of color to your wedding makeup look. Go with a color that is brighter than you would normally try, the colors tend to sheer out and look less intense than in the applicator. So go ahead and show off your pout!


Trend #8  |  Nude Polish

Brides are looking for that ever-so perfect nude on their special day. Who would have known there are so many choices of nude to fit every skin tone. For dark skin tones avoid nude polishes that are too light or too pastel. Warmer and peachier brown nudes will look more subtle while tan and beige will give creamy pop of nude. If you are looking for the perfect nude pink polish, go for a warm and rosey pink tone like Dior Incognito.


Trend #9  |  Effortless Hair

A relaxed natural curl is IN this bridal season and is temping brides to wear their hair down. Salons are offering curl relaxing treatments, hair extensions and heated roller sets to achieve this full bouncy hair. Once your hair is tamed it can be very easy to maintain and style for your wedding-do and the day after. Ask your hair stylist what options they offer to give a relaxed curl as they are customized depending on your type and texture.


Trend #10  |  Red Lipstick

It's true that a romantic and sexy red lip is back in the bridal world. But no need to worry about touch-ups throughout the day, many brands or offering a variety of red lip colors in long wearing lip stick stains. Read more about these smudge proof lipsticks here

Written by Renee Saia | Photos from Becca Cosmetics and other outside sources.

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